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Writer's Block: Do you want to know a secret?
Which song by The Beatles is your favorite, and why?

"Let It Be" because it's just beautiful

Writer's Block: Beware the green-eyed monster!
Do you like to hear about your partner's exes? Does it make you jealous or forge greater intimacy?

Makes me angry and jealous. haha. I'm the jealous AND over-protective type.

Writer's Block: Cool places
What's your favorite city or town that you've visited? Why do you love it?

Downtown Nashville. I love city life. It's a great place for shopping and stuff. i just like it. =]

Writer's Block: Boldly going
Which fictional world would you choose to visit, and why?

Narnia. Haha I don't know...I just joke about it all the time.

Writer's Block: Me 10 Years Ago
How would your best friend have described you ten years ago? What about today?

Well, we haven't known eachother for 10 years yet, but SIX years ago, she would have described me as this morbidly obese, terribly sarcastic freak. lol. Today, she would say I've lost a lot of weight, less sarcastic, a lot nicer, etc.

Writer's Block: One for the bucket list
Are you a boot person or a shoe person? Why?

probably take a road trip.

Writer's Block: Random acts of kindness
What is the nicest thing you've ever done for a stranger? What is the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

Well, I've given money to a homeless person a few times.

Writer's Block: Do you want to know a secret?
How do you think personal relationships would change if people could read minds?

They would definitely change. Like, I'm always thinking stuff like, "PLEASE be quiet" or "you're such a whore" or something, but I continue smiling and stuff. If someone could read your mind and you were telling them to be quiet in your mind, they would be kind of offended and maybe even stop talking to you altogether.

Writer's Block: Something to cry about
How do you feel about corporeal punishment?

Well, as long as it's not an abusive case-- Corporal Punishment is the spanking of kids. Spanking means hitting on the butt multiple times(my definition). It doesn't mean a punch in the face, a slap on the butt, and a punch in the gut. As long as it's used as PUNISHMENT and not abuse...it's ok, it's a way of learning.

Writer's Block: And The Winner Is…
Ke$ha, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Usher, Beyonce, Justin Bieber … who do you most want to win an MTV Video Music Award this year?